As we navigate the current digital landscape, organizations are increasingly looking towards solutions to their data, cloud solutions and revolutionary technology to cut the cost of development and maintenance and still achieve highly reliable and elastic services.

Our esteemed group of panelists will offer insights and a panoramic perspective. Join me in welcoming them to the discussion.
Mr. Kevin Howell – Chief Executive Officer, Anchor Group NA (Moderator)
Mr. Blair Lilford- Founder, SALT Technology Group
Mr. Delroy McLean – Senior Director, B2B, C&W Business
Mr. Bartlett Morgan – Digital Law and Policy Specialist
Mr. Chukwuemeka Cameron – Founder, Design Privacy
Dr. Jan – Yves Remy – Deputy Director of SRC UWI Cavehill, UWI Cavehill



DEC. 3rd, 2020: NAVIGATING DIGITAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT: The Catalyst for Effective Digital Transformation

ANCHOR Digital in collaboration with the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB)
Date: December 3rd, 2020
Time: 1-3 pm Eastern Caribbean
Host: Anchor Group – Melanie V. Wynter, MSc

The Covid-19 events have dramatically accelerated the urgency for digital transformation by organizations across a wide variety of sectors. However, contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is as much about the Management of culture change as it is the technology.

Change management cannot be a conversation that commences when a team decides to go-live—it must be a core strategy from Day One—ideation. The Webinar will explore the importance of change management in the life of a successful digital transformation project.

How do we navigate the change?

Attendees for this Webinar will understand and learn:
1. How to increase the reach of Organizational Change Management (OCM)
2. How to create a change management strategy
3. Tools and methodologies to measure and track project progress and deliver data insights to your teams and leaders
4. Provide insight on how to share and collaborate on planning with team members anywhere in the world
5. Best practices to manage and support employees during the change management process

NOV. 4th, 2020: CRACKING THE CODE ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT - Design and Implementation of the Taxonomy and Governance Environment

Date: November 4th, 2020
Time: 1-3 pm EST
ANCHOR Digital in collaboration with the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB)
Host: Anchor Group – Melanie V. Wynter, MSc

The COVID-19 pandemic has reiterated the importance of proper risk management and business continuity tools. This Webinar brings together financial, banking, and technology experts to talk about steps that can be taken to manage the old and emerging risk.
The bank experts will discuss how they are adopting technology to enhance how they manage and mitigate these risks.

Technology experts will demonstrate possible tools to empower organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what is ahead, and improve business performance. The financial professionals will explore best practices to build and roll-out a full-proof risk taxonomy to position a financial institution to safeguard their company’s assets and preserve shareholder value properly.

Together, the panelists will explore various business continuity and risk management efforts—technologies, tools, and resources that financial institutions can access. Pandemic.

Attendees for this Webinar will gain industry insight on:

1. Best Practices and Methodologies for Building a Robust Risk Taxonomy
2. Design Methodology
3. Design Best Practices.
4. Enterprise Risk Management Trends and Tools


Building formidable companies in the 21st Century requires business leaders to pay attention to efficiency and workflow optimization.

Our three-part webinar series focusing on business process optimization and digitization, business continuity, and automation.

May 21, 2020: Workflow Automation - Keys to Surviving in the Caribbean Energy Sector


NALISHA BROWN, MSc, BSc, CSSBB: Leading Auditor, Energy Expert

It is not news that oil prices in the Caribbean energy sector are collapsing. Between November 2019 and February 2020, crude oil prices per barrel in Trinidad & Tobago dropped 11.6% from US$60.30 to $53.28. For Guyana, March breakdown of OPEC+ talks focused on restraining production, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the country’s 2020 revenue projections of $300 million.
As prices continue to collapse, players in the industry should be looking to balance revenue and efficiency. Keeping your business afloat and thriving with the revenue management and cost-cutting benefits of workflow automation, should be at the top of your mind.
Webinar Agenda
The session will offer insights and unlock the benefits of automating your company’s subcontractor relationships, warehousing + inventory management, and project implementation + tracking, and risk and compliance management activities. Key topics to be addressed:

  • A Backdrop of the Caribbean Energy Sector
  • Current Level of Automation in the Energy Sector
  • A Look at a Typical Energy Services Company Workflow
  • Benefits and Reasons for Automation
  • Insights for Steps to Approach Automation
  • Case Study for Costs + Time Savings with Automation

May 20, 2020: Facing The Home Care Industry COVID-19 Pandemic Mask-On


No longer is it business as usual in the home care industry. Whether your agency is offering home care workers, nursing services, care management, or therapeutic services, home care businesses are facing astronomical challenges to keep their doors open. The frontline workers are afraid to be in the homes of clients, clients are putting their services on pause, and half of their administrative staff are now working.
Some agencies have been able to keep it together, while others are slowly disintegrating. The Webinar posits some solutions to strengthen customer and employee trust, champion the safety and productivity for all workers, to maintain the continuity of quality care.
Agenda Topics

  • The Survival Posture
  • Building a COVID-19 Policy
  • Customer Experience Response
  • Pandemic & Mask-On – Best practices for safety
  • Effective Remote Working
  • Insights for Retooling your Agency to Thrive

May 7, 2020: Business Process Optimization + Digitization are No longer Optional—It is a Necessity

Gone are the days that organizations can continue to operate in their old Black boxes. More than ever before, today’s operational environment demands company leaders to forge more dynamic, adept, and automated work practices. Many customers and employees are demanding more—customers’ interests and demands are being influenced by access to more information and greater competition, and employees’ bargaining power is higher with the growth of the online GIG economy. If these factors were not enough, natural disasters and pandemics are looking like the new normal.
How will your business survive in these times?
The Webinar will take a look at steps that businesses must take

  • Compare and Contrast Today’s Operational Environment and Pre-Internet
  • A Look at Growth + Business Process Optimization & Digitization
  • Best Practice in Process + Technology Re-engineering
  • Identify critical challenges being faced by corporations and governments as they embark on Digitization
  • The New Work Order
  • Q & A

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