Risk Management


For almost two decades, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been evolving with various levels of adoption from both private and government organizations across the Caribbean and Central American region.  Many global financial institutions have been most proactive in adopting ERM frameworks in their management and mitigation of operational, strategic, financial, and external impacts; as they position their organizations to seize new growth opportunities.

Risk management is critical to all businesses. However, the responses from the Financial sector are not surprising, given the plethora of regulatory and business changes being experienced by this industry.  As innovations in Financial Technology continue to drive the global Financial Services sector, banking and capital markets executives face numerous strategic decisions that affect their ability to compete or even survive.

  • Constantly changing regulatory and compliance requirements are requiring all asset managers to provide fuller access to audit and review of operational procedures.
  • Managers are expanding in new geographies and asset classes to capture the growing affluent population in emerging markets and support international investing needs for investors in developed world.
  • Managers are moving from conventional strategic asset allocation based on asset class approaches toward risk factor-based frameworks.
  • Managers are engaging with multiple prime brokers, custodians, and fund administrators.


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Our Risk and Compliance solutions include both ERM Product – LogicManager (Exclusive Reseller Contract for the Caribbean) and consulting services to assist our clients to develop frameworks to validate, assess, manage, and mitigate corporate and project risks. We ensure that levels of risks and uncertainties are identified, and optimal solutions are recommended to ensure strength of business control environment and success.

  • The risk management solutions provided to clients include risk plan development and management and technology solutions to support the proper monitoring, aggregation, and reporting of risks.
  • Our risk management consulting offerings supplement the client’s internal resources to build risk their risk framework and manage and report real-time output.

Our risk framework targets the intersectionality and resolution of operational, corporate, and strategic risk, with an understanding that there are multiple ways that a firm can deal with risks—avoid, accept, mitigate, or transfer. The actions or combination of actions taken by an organization to manage its risk should be at least economic profit neutral.

Our team leverages elements of the COSO Framework and the RIMS Risk Maturity Model to support the development of appropriate risk management frameworks for our clients. We ensure that levels of risks and uncertainties are identified, and optimal solutions are recommended to ensure the strength of business control environment and success, business strategy, and all functional areas of the business.