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About LogicManager

Since 2005, LogicManager has provided top-rated risk and governance solutions to over 2,400 organizations worldwide:

All-Encompassing Solution

  • LOGICMANAGER TAXONOMYOur patent-pending technology lets you manage a central governance structure, sharing information where necessary and separating it where it is not. Make relationships explicit to uncover the dependencies across levels and departments within your organization.
  • RISK ASSESSMENTSStandardize the assessment process with central risk libraries and a common framework, allowing you to objectively identify, evaluate, and assess risk across the organization.
  • PRE-BUILT, CUSTOMIZABLE CONTENTLibraries, templates, surveys, and questionnaires are provided to accomplish any use-case or governance activity. Customize them or building your own!
  • HEAT MAPS, DASHBOARDS & REPORTINGLeverage LogicManager’s pre-built canned options or build your own with an industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Engine, which is built-in and included with any LogicManager subscription.

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Selected by the Risk Management Society to author the RIMS Risk Maturity Model (RMM), LogicManager provides services founded upon industry best-practice, helping your program grow and mature.


Our risk-based solution allows sharing of information, aggregation, and reporting across levels; delivering strategic insights from the front lines to the Board.


As our biggest priority, we offer flexible pricing, shortterm commitments, and a continual 90-day satisfaction guarantee ensuring your program experiences

Enterprise Risk Management

Develop effective mitigation and monitoring activities as you uncover the most critical risks across your enterprise.

Incident Management

Report and resolve any number of incident types with configurable fields and workflows to protect your workplace.

IT Governance and Security

Protect your company’s assets, data, and reputation by assessing risk and streamlining responses to incidents.

Compliance Management

Keep track of the regulations you need to meet, prove compliance, and stay on top of an ever-changing landscape.

Vendor Management

Easily conduct all due-diligence activities on your vendors to make sure you’re working with the best of the best.

Financial Reporting

Track operational activities, attestations, and accountability to improve reporting efficiency and accuracy.

Audit Management

Ensure every business area is stacking up by streamlining the planning and execution phases of your audits.

Business Continuity

Map relationships between critical processes and resources to ensure long-term sustainability and timely responses.

Policy Management

Maintain your portfolio of policies, procedures, and documents in one centralized, easily accessible platform.

About LogicManager - Anchor Is An Exclusive Market Partner in the Caribbean Region

LogicManager was founded in 2005, on the belief that performance is a result of effective risk management. Building on years of experience in risk and business process management, the CEO saw that operating within silos hinders a company’s ability to make risk-aware strategic decisions. He realized an integrated, risk-based platform is needed to achieve strategic goals. The products have been sold to companies across size spectrums and industries. The brand has been recognized by Forrester, included on the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant.