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E-Document Management

The integrated platform standardizes user data so it may be accessed, viewed and used across an enterprise providing users with live dashboards for end-to-end reporting, analysis and decision making.

E-Document Management transforms business processes quickly and cost-effectively streamlining data and document-intensive processes with uniquely configurable software as a service solution (SaaS). Some of the popular applications of the solutions have been in the Public Sector, Human Resources, and Healthcare areas of focus.

Public Sector

  • Business Process Automation
  • Case Management
  • Provider Management
  • Streamlined Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Enforcement

Human Resources

  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Applications & Evaluations
  • Status Change Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Performance Evaluations

Healthcare Solutions

  • Legacy Data Archive
  • Licensure Management
  • Chart Acquisition Platform

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Business Process Management

At the core of the SaaS offering is our Business Process Automation (BPA) technology. The technology platform can automate data, document/form, and intensive processes to streamline efficiency and to achieve an organization’s business goals. Processes such as downloadable PDF application forms, enrollment forms, compliance, and enforcement forms, support documentation, etc. are possible in the solution.

E-Document Management

Case Management

The case management solution will automate your case management activities. Rapid configuration of intelligent web-based forms, workflows with business rules acting as knowledge workers, and a robust cloud-based central repository deliver instant access to in-house and mobile staff. Faster and accurate processing are the primary outcomes of case management features.

Provider Management – Streamline Licensing, Compliance & Enforcement

Management and oversight of Provider licensing, renewals, compliance and enforcement remain challenging due to the intensive amount of manual work involved to process. The solution’s Provider Management features transform licensing and oversight processes freeing staff to focus on higher level tasks.