Kevin A. Howell, MBA

Chief Executive Officer - Director


Kevin possesses strong international expertise in business, financial management, business  strategy development, project management, and analysis. Kevin has worked with a number  of Fortune 500 companies and small and mid-sized businesses, assisting with strategy,  process management, and development. He holds an MBA in finance and accounting from  the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester.

His role at Ernst and Young afforded him the opportunity to work with Fortune 500  companies, and expanded his knowledge of the healthcare, information technology,  manufacturing, and consumer products industries. Before starting Anchor in 2009, he  worked at Broadridge Financial Solutions, a $2.6 billion publicly traded firm, where he  worked as a Senior Director of Business Development, developing various types of financial  models and analyses to support the assessment of acquisition and alliance opportunities.

Contact Info

Phone : +1 800-644-0634