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PayTAS is a platform designed to provide a single access point for the payment of goods and services and the collection of fees and duties by Public Sector, Sellers, and Corporates, with a plurality of payment channels, both traditional and innovative. Services can be accessed from the internet, mobile devices, ATMs, and other nonbanking acceptance networks.
Debtors (Consumers or Corporates) can easily keep track of their position with the Public Sector or with any other Supplier Company connected to PayTAS. Public or private Creditors constantly remain up to date with payer situations and have full control of the current and archived collection process.

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New Business on the Move

An Integrated and a win-win platform for increasing access to financial institutions, improving collections for creditors and ease of payments for customers.

  • To customer - Secure, easy payments anywhere.
  • To creditors – Confidence about collections through multiple instruments and channels, with total control of the payment reconciliation.
  • To banks - New business models that enhance their transaction systems, making the bank an aggregator for advanced payment services.
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About Tas Group -Anchor Is An Exclusive Partner

TAS Group provides services and technological applications for cards, payment systems, and financial markets. The company operates globally, delivering innovative solutions to empower our customers’ business. TAS Group is a publicly traded company on the Italian Stock Exchange and services over 150 clients in seven countries and caters to over 100 financial institutions with its capital markets solutions.